Glenwood Springs, Colorado

img_1538Garfield County Seat, Glenwood Springs, was incorporated in 1885 and is home to about 10,000 happy people. Originally known as Defiance, the town is located at the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. The wife of town founder Isaac Cooper convinced the residents to change the name to that of her hometown of Glenwood, Iowa.img_1528Large Courthouse compleximg_1530Gunfighter, gambler and dentist Doc Holliday died here Nov. 8 1887 and is buried in the town’s Pioneer Cemetery.img_1559I took a drive up the awesome Frying Pan River Road for great scenery and several random squash marking the way. I received a different suggestion from each person I spoke with about my burger option’s. An indication of how great this town is. I chose the Colorado Ranch House, located at the base of the bridge.img_1548Colorado Ranch House, unassuming yet very inviting.img_1550I was greeted warmly and quickly. I ordered the CoRH signature burger with the house made chips. I have come to expect fairly pedestrian burgers on this quest and love it when I am blown out of the water!  Fresh hand pressed Colorado beef, bacon, caramelized onions, cheese, fresh produce, awesome bun and a sauce that is the best burger sauce I have ever had. OK, I am not going to go on and on but usually caramelized onions, aren’t, meat ordered medium rare, isn’t and special sauce aint so special. Not true at the Colorado Ranch House, Great Burger, Awesome Staff, can’t wait to come back.

Brighton, Colorado

img_1502Adams County Seat, Brighton was named for Brighton Beach New York. It is home to about 35,000 people. A couple of big manufacturing plants here, one making windmill blades and one making nacelles, which I thought were engine housings but must have something to do with wind turbines.img_1512Probably not the County Courthouse but all I could find. Brighton is actually in Weld and Adams County.img_1506Sugar beets was the thing back in the day. Word on the street is Lyle Alzado (former NFL Bronco and Raider) was in a B horror film “Destroyer” partly filmed in this shuttered sugar plant. The town is pretty spread out but I was told the best burgers were just past the sugar plant at Big Daddy’simg_1508Big Daddy’s in all its glory.img_1514Biggest around is their slogan and it can be taken a couple different ways. Picture does not do justice but this thing is big. I got the namesake burger and loved it! fresh beef with all standard condiments was good, but this homemade bun set the burger apart. I cant wait to come back.

Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

img_1485Cheyenne County Seat, Cheyenne Wells is home to less than a thousand people. Incorporated in 1890 the town is actually named after water well’s the Cheyenne Indians used to use in the area.img_1488Nice courthouse on the main drag.img_1500I found one thrift store and gave a quarter for this game of skill. I talked to a few people and was given two choices for a burger in town. I chose the Alleyway.img_1491Alleyway Cafe on the main street.img_1489I arrived at 11am upon opening and I was not the first person so that was a good sign. I ordered the deluxe cheeseburger with fries. The server and the rest of the staff were very friendly and made me feel right at home. Hand pressed Nebraska beef, loaded with fresh condiments, this burger was exactly like a basic cheeseburger should be.

Ft. Morgan, Colorado

img_1470Morgan County Seat, Ft. Morgan is home to about 11,000 residents. Established in 1865 as an Army Post on the Overland Trail it was originally known as Camp Wardwell. A very industrious town with several food processing plants. One meat packing plant that seems to have a large Muslim workforce from Somalia. Just wondering what trump is going to do with them?img_1468Morgan County Justice Center, I sat here eating grapes and bananas. I found one antique store and one thrift store, both were closed so I only asked a couple people about burger choices and most votes went to chain offering’s. The county is home to  producers of electricity as well as food so I thought Cables sounded right.img_1475In the center of town, Cables is in a great location on the main drag across from the library.img_1479I received great attention upon entering and was overjoyed to be seated outside. I ordered what I was told was the most popular burger, Megawatt. A half pound burger with fresh condiments and awesome bun. One of the rare instances where I ordered medium rare and received medium rare. Excellent burger. I don’t know if the name of the eatery or burger has anything to do with electricity but it gave me a spark.

Georgetown, Colorado

img_1436Clear Creek County Seat, Georgetowm,  is a Territorial Charter Municipality. It is the last county in the state with such a distinction. I don’t know exactly what that means but it seemed you could think for yourself upon arrival. Established in 1859 during Pikes Peak Gold Rush, this is a silver town. This is old school right here, about a thousand people live here.img_1440Most colorful courthouse sign to date. Pretty good size compound, windowless sheetmetal.img_1449In a canyonimg_1467Pretty cool shops and antique stores, big one was closed when I was there.Whole lot of free thinking here. Old timers suggested I go to the “Ram” not knowing it was called “Lucha” now. I did get pointed toward Lucha’s as well so I figured I could not go wrong.img_1451Lucha grande cantina, is on the main drag. I really wasn’t feeling it after a long drive through Elk country and fall color revelry, this has become a bit of a chore and I didn’t even want a cheeseburger today, but pressed on.img_1458Sorry for the late post but I have not been able to sleep since eating this burger. PBJBC or letters similar to that, yes peanut butter jelly bacon cheeseburger. I said it. My waitress hair color was similar to the jelly so this was my kinda place. Friendly inviting staff, corner booth with good light. Turns out this post is real close to the half way point of this thing? just when I was feeling down, rebirth. Peanut Butter, Jelly, Bacon and then a cheeseburger with the greens and pickles and whole nine as well. Ok, I transcended, I have been on another plane since this experience so does that make it #1 ? Great place, hope to go ice fishing up there and will be going to Lucha’s for some mexican.

Leadville, Colorado

img_1417Lake County Seat, Leadville is home to about 2,600 residents. at over 10,200 feet it is known locally as the “two mile high city”. Incorporated in 1878, the area was first settled in 1859 after gold was discovered in California Gulch. Placer Miners were having trouble with a heavy black sand clogging their sluice boxes, it was learned that this heavy sand was a type of lead with high concentrations of silver. img_1409Lake County Courthouse on the main drag.img_1410Downtown Leadville still has the pioneer feelimg_1402I was lucky to be in Leadville to watch my Nephew compete in a mountain bike race. At over 10,000 feet I was amazed at his accomplishment as I was winded just walking the hundred yards to this photo spot. Most people I spoke with guided me to a well known tourist destination in town for a burger, a few longtime (and one native) suggested the best burger was off the beaten path, at the Pastime.img_1419I love this place, at over 100 yrs old this building has a gentle unassuming slope inside which actually made me feel like I was walking straight and fully erect for the first time in years. img_1434“I would like a kickass cheeseburger” was my opener, “you want fries with that” was the response. The woman at the bar immediately took residence in my heart. I don’t ask for much, I mean were talking cheeseburgers here, be confident and proud and you have me as a customer for life. I enjoyed the openness of the other patrons and had some good sports related discussions. I would only need two bottles to live here, one oxygen and one whisky. Oh yea, the burger was in fact kickass with fresh locally sourced beef, fresh condiments, and awesome fries. I cant wait to come back for another.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

img_1329El Paso County Seat, Colorado Springs, is home to about 500,000 people. A transient population base with several military institutions in  the area. This is a picture of the Pioneer Museum downtown by the Courthouse. Colorado Springs was incorporated in 1886. I like this town and have some history here. Downtown was a shithole 30 years ago, pretty cool now.img_1332County Courthouse, difficult to get a grip on the in or out of it.

A few antique stores around, a bit pricey for me. I found this cheese plate in a tote of dishes at a thrift store.

I received several different suggestions for a burger and actually had a hard time deciding. One of the problems I have encountered with high population towns is to many choices. I liked the sound of Bingo Burger.img_1334Bingo Burger on one of the main drags downtown. img_1339This place has the best Root Beer I have ever had. I approached the counter and was met by a menu that had every imaginable option so I was a bit overwhelmed and ordered what seemed to be the top dog, the Steel City. Place your order at the counter and get issued a bingo card with a spot filled in. I thought the staff was going to yell out “O-47” and I would excitedly yell “Bingo” and go get my meal, but it was not to be. Awesome Root Beer.Staff arrived with my burger and took my bingo card. The Steel City burger was loaded with fresh condiments, grilled onions, bacon, and a bun that seemed to be like a hawaiian bun. All fresh but a bit sweet for me, I need to spend more time learning the menu. I assumed for $16 I would get fries but they must be ordered separate. Best root beer I have ever had in my life.