Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

img_1485Cheyenne County Seat, Cheyenne Wells is home to less than a thousand people. Incorporated in 1890 the town is actually named after water well’s the Cheyenne Indians used to use in the area.img_1488Nice courthouse on the main drag.img_1500I found one thrift store and gave a quarter for this game of skill. I talked to a few people and was given two choices for a burger in town. I chose the Alleyway.img_1491Alleyway Cafe on the main street.img_1489I arrived at 11am upon opening and I was not the first person so that was a good sign. I ordered the deluxe cheeseburger with fries. The server and the rest of the staff were very friendly and made me feel right at home. Hand pressed Nebraska beef, loaded with fresh condiments, this burger was exactly like a basic cheeseburger should be.


IMG_1174This is in response to a comment from Aunt Holly a few weeks ago. I have been trying to figure out how to post a picture on a message reply but have been unsuccessful so you get your own post. Anyway, thanks for reading, I thought of you when driving through Holly CO. It is not a county seat but very cute. Happy Birthday!

Cripple Creek, Colorado

IMG_1097Teller County Seat, Cripple Creek was incorporated in 1892. About 1,200 people call this town home. In 1890 Bob Womack discovered gold in the area and the last gold rush in Colorado began. Soon After, the Independence Lode was discovered in the region, known as one of the largest gold strikes in history.IMG_1096Substantial Court House. Colorado voters legalized gambling in the area in 1991 so that is the towns main source of revenue today.IMG_1090Cripple Creek suffered significant loss in two fires in 1896, the town was rebuilt in several months so most structures in town are from that year. By 2005 over 23.5 million troy ounces were removed from the district. There are still large scale mine operations in the area.IMG_1092Bikers were gathering for an event on their way to Sturgis. I went to one antique store but did not see anything that spoke to me. I received several options for a burger but did not make my decision until a couple members of local law enforcement suggested Maggies. IMG_1098Maggies is attached to a casino but you could not hear slot machines.IMG_1103I ordered Maggies namesake burger which was a nice pile of produce, 1/2 pound pattie, bacon and avocado. Served promptly by attentive staff.IMG_1105I was pleased to be joined by my mother as we explored some off the beaten path byways.