Looking for a Cheeseburger


I was in Denver looking online for a decent cheeseburger when I came across an article claiming the origin of the cheeseburger was right here in Denver! I could not believe my good fortune, I would have never guessed after every place I have moved I would end up living 27 miles from the birthplace of, really the only thing in this world that matters, the Cheeseburger. Of course I found the address on Speer and went straight over for a visual, sure enough, in the corner of the Key Bank parking lot is a granite marker. It claims Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Barrel Drive Inn created the cheeseburger in 1935. ¬†Chisel something in ¬†granite and that makes it real as far as I am concerned. The wheels started turning, am I just to walk away and go on with my day? Do I pull some weeds around the marker? Why am I the only one here? Lots of cars whizzing by, do they not know the significance of this location? A bank customer walked by and I asked her if she liked cheeseburgers, she tightened the clutch on her hand bag and quietly said “I guess” I informed her she was standing at the location of its conception! With limited enthusiasm she said “OK”. I was very impressed at her ability to contain what had to be explosions of joy and wonderment going on in her head. I have never stood on such hallowed ground and wanted to shout from the rooftops. For me at least, this was significant, and I knew from that moment forward my life would never be the same.