My Name is Jim Cawdrey, I currently live in Boulder Colorado. “Live” in, not “From” I spent the better part of the last thirty years in Alaska. Wives have come and gone, Children have been disappointed,  I have been homeless, spent time in Texas jail, had several jobs, and moved more than most. The one constant has been my love for cheeseburgers. There were several times when my homeless brothers and myself would find some day labor for quick honest cash. The odd thing was while my compadres would be looking for liquor stores and drug dealers after getting paid I was seeking out quirky hamburger stands and all you can eat buffet’s. I am probably the only homeless person that gained weight as a result of my choices, granted I did enjoy the marijuana, which may have influenced my appetite.

After discovering my proximity to the birthplace of the cheeseburger (see “looking for a cheeseburger”) I decided to make my homage in the form of a blog and see what this great “Beef” state has to offer. I work over the weekend so every Wednesday I will have a cheeseburger at a different location in Colorado. I will begin by going to the County Seat of 63 of the 64 Colorado counties. I will not be going to any burger joints in Boulder County, because I live there, and it seems you have to cross the county line to get some gluten anyway.  I will not be using fucking “Yelp” or “Google” to find a proper eating establishment, instead I will go to the County Seat and spend the morning finding out a little about the town while asking locals in barber shops, gas stations and the like where I might find the best burger. I will be taking pictures as well, every image on this site will be taken by me unless otherwise noted. I will not be connected to any social media.

My first stop will be Logan County Seat, Sterling CO


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