Cortez, Colorado

IMG_1708Montezuma County Seat, Cortez, is home to about 9,000 people. Built in 1886 Cortez was home to people digging tunnels and ditches to irrigate the valley. Although the area was originally inhabited by folks in these rocks. IMG_1684Standard issue CourthouseIMG_1695Coyotes think they are dogs here.IMG_1733a couple of the best junk stores I have come across yet, Seattle worlds fair glass 2 bucks. Usually when I ask three people where to get a burger I get two or three different suggestions, not here. Burger Boy is itIMG_1680Burger Boy Drive In is just thatIMG_1686Burger Boy Burger served promptly by an awesome staff that runs out to your car so you can continue texting and surfing without interruption. Fresh bun, fresh condiments, fresh hand pressed beef. Awesome.

2 thoughts on “Cortez, Colorado

  1. This is a test. April having problems with comments on her WordPress “fv caribou” website so I’m checking to see how your comments set-up looks. Totally different than hers.


  2. I do miss your cheeseburger reports. They were fun but a real job is more important, obviously. Maybe you should start a lawnmower blog. “Cleaning up the world one lawn mower at a time”


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