Eads, Colorado

IMG_1671Kiowa County Seat, Eads is home to about 600 souls. Established in 1887 as a railroad town, it was named after bridge builder James Buchanan Eads.IMG_1673 (1)Courthouse’ish. I came down here the day after President Trump’s inauguration because Kiowa County had Colorado’s highest percentage of trump voters. I was expecting marching bands and at least some bunting, but nothing. I am not even sure if the residents knew it was the day after his inauguration. They do have a good name for their restaurant though. its restaurant.IMG_1677 (1)Restaurant, 600 people and all, its really all you need.IMG_1675 (1)Exactly what I would expect if I ordered a cheeseburger. Full filling my burger duties in Kiowa County. I have been adrift on this thing but am now back underway.

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