La Junta, Colorado

img_1650Otero County Seat, La Junta, incorporated in 1881 at “The Junction” of the Santa Fe Trail and a popular road to Pueblo. Home to about 7000 people on the Arkansas River, there is lots of agriculture and a large rail yard. img_1645Courthouse, fairly vanilla. This is a pretty cool town that was home to a part of the Strategic Air Command with lots of test pilots. Apparently the base shut down in the ’80s with the invention of flight simulators, eliminating the need for flying guinea pigs. When I drove by Boss Hogg’s Saloon and Restaurant I knew where I was getting my Otero County Burger.img_1652Boss Hogg’s, where cow meet’s pigimg_1660Of course I ordered the signature “Boss Hogg” burger. 1/2 pound of hand pressed, high fat content burger, couple large slices of hog, pile of fresh condiment’s and a sesame seed bun. It was good to be out on the trail again.

2 thoughts on “La Junta, Colorado

  1. I’m glad you’re back on the trail. It’s been a long spell without a burger report. I guess you drove down there on the weekend, despite the snow.


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