Eagle, Colorado

img_1602Eagle County Seat, Eagle Colorado incorporated in 1905 and home to about 6,500 people. I will start by saying I had many technical difficulties on this trip. Only three pictures turned out because I thought I knew how to manually focus. Anyway, Eagle is a cool town right off I-70, the first roundabout is home to the Eagle Diner.img_1614The Eagle Diner was packed! This place is awesome, I sat by the grill and saw many plates of good solid american fare. My double cheeseburger was cooked to perfection with loads of fresh condiments. I will stop here again.img_1601I went up to a lake and saw several hunters working the mountain while this buck strolled beneath them. I don’t know if anyone will even read this but my work schedule is changing so I am afraid burger entry’s will be more sporadic, but will continue until I have had a cheeseburger in every county.

2 thoughts on “Eagle, Colorado

  1. Happy to hear I don’t have to give up on news of the great cheeseburger trail. Looking forward to your next report and assuming there might be one next week?


  2. Well. we know that at least your mom reads this and expects a photo of every courthouse. I am glad your work shift is changing and wish you well with the new endeavor, think we can handle less frequent posts from Mr Burger, barely.


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