Las Animas, Colorado

img_1565Bent County Seat, Las Animas is home to about 2,500 people. Incorporated in 1886 the town is located on the Arkansas River, west of the confluence of the Purgatory River. The city was named for some Conquistadors who died in the area without last rites. Las Animas means “The Souls” in Spanish.img_1566Majestic Courthouse, near the location of Colorado’s first legal hanging. Ninth Cavalry soldier Jimmy Miller.img_1571Kit Carson’s last residence. Kit Carson is cool and all but according to Wikipedia the most notable person from here is Nicholas Martinez, known as the coolest guy in town. img_1569Kit Carson’s current residence. I found one thrift store that had a great furniture collection but nothing up my alley, everyone, without question, sent me to the L.A. Cafe for my burger.img_1590L.A. Cafe, if you get run out of town you can always stop for a burger on the way. Located on the hiway on the western side of town.img_1589This place is hometown great! I didn’t have to look at a menu, went to the counter and asked for a kickass cheeseburger and was met with a “you want fries with that”. Sold. Had the fortune of visiting with the Cafe’s original owner who came in and asked for “the usual” I was so excited to find out his usual was what I was getting as well, a double cheeseburger. Hand pressed locally source meat patties, fresh condiments, buttered bun, perfectly seasoned fries. What can I say, this is the cheeseburger. I don’t know what happened but the incessant ringing in my good ear went away as I was leaving, not sure if it is a cure or a clog.

2 thoughts on “Las Animas, Colorado

  1. Actually, Kit and Maria Carson have been moved further south along the Santa Fe Trail and current “residence” is Taos, NM. Taos was their main home. Interesting factoids I discovered: Maria was Kit’s third wife and died while giving birth to her eighth child. A month later Kit died of an aortic aneurism at Fort Lyon, near Las Animas. There’s a lot of history surrounding these towns and a book could be written about each. Interesting.


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