Brighton, Colorado

img_1502Adams County Seat, Brighton was named for Brighton Beach New York. It is home to about 35,000 people. A couple of big manufacturing plants here, one making windmill blades and one making nacelles, which I thought were engine housings but must have something to do with wind turbines.img_1512Probably not the County Courthouse but all I could find. Brighton is actually in Weld and Adams County.img_1506Sugar beets was the thing back in the day. Word on the street is Lyle Alzado (former NFL Bronco and Raider) was in a B horror film “Destroyer” partly filmed in this shuttered sugar plant. The town is pretty spread out but I was told the best burgers were just past the sugar plant at Big Daddy’simg_1508Big Daddy’s in all its glory.img_1514Biggest around is their slogan and it can be taken a couple different ways. Picture does not do justice but this thing is big. I got the namesake burger and loved it! fresh beef with all standard condiments was good, but this homemade bun set the burger apart. I cant wait to come back.

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