Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

img_1485Cheyenne County Seat, Cheyenne Wells is home to less than a thousand people. Incorporated in 1890 the town is actually named after water well’s the Cheyenne Indians used to use in the area.img_1488Nice courthouse on the main drag.img_1500I found one thrift store and gave a quarter for this game of skill. I talked to a few people and was given two choices for a burger in town. I chose the Alleyway.img_1491Alleyway Cafe on the main street.img_1489I arrived at 11am upon opening and I was not the first person so that was a good sign. I ordered the deluxe cheeseburger with fries. The server and the rest of the staff were very friendly and made me feel right at home. Hand pressed Nebraska beef, loaded with fresh condiments, this burger was exactly like a basic cheeseburger should be.

One thought on “Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

  1. How should a basic cheeseburger be? Beef, cheese, lettuce onion, ketchup, mayo and mustard? And a sesame bun? This report seems a little shorter than the fun ones you’ve been publishing. Wonder where you will be next week and if the snow will be getting in your way.


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