Ft. Morgan, Colorado

img_1470Morgan County Seat, Ft. Morgan is home to about 11,000 residents. Established in 1865 as an Army Post on the Overland Trail it was originally known as Camp Wardwell. A very industrious town with several food processing plants. One meat packing plant that seems to have a large Muslim workforce from Somalia. Just wondering what trump is going to do with them?img_1468Morgan County Justice Center, I sat here eating grapes and bananas. I found one antique store and one thrift store, both were closed so I only asked a couple people about burger choices and most votes went to chain offering’s. The county is home to  producers of electricity as well as food so I thought Cables sounded right.img_1475In the center of town, Cables is in a great location on the main drag across from the library.img_1479I received great attention upon entering and was overjoyed to be seated outside. I ordered what I was told was the most popular burger, Megawatt. A half pound burger with fresh condiments and awesome bun. One of the rare instances where I ordered medium rare and received medium rare. Excellent burger. I don’t know if the name of the eatery or burger has anything to do with electricity but it gave me a spark.

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