Georgetown, Colorado

img_1436Clear Creek County Seat, Georgetowm,  is a Territorial Charter Municipality. It is the last county in the state with such a distinction. I don’t know exactly what that means but it seemed you could think for yourself upon arrival. Established in 1859 during Pikes Peak Gold Rush, this is a silver town. This is old school right here, about a thousand people live here.img_1440Most colorful courthouse sign to date. Pretty good size compound, windowless sheetmetal.img_1449In a canyonimg_1467Pretty cool shops and antique stores, big one was closed when I was there.Whole lot of free thinking here. Old timers suggested I go to the “Ram” not knowing it was called “Lucha” now. I did get pointed toward Lucha’s as well so I figured I could not go wrong.img_1451Lucha grande cantina, is on the main drag. I really wasn’t feeling it after a long drive through Elk country and fall color revelry, this has become a bit of a chore and I didn’t even want a cheeseburger today, but pressed on.img_1458Sorry for the late post but I have not been able to sleep since eating this burger. PBJBC or letters similar to that, yes peanut butter jelly bacon cheeseburger. I said it. My waitress hair color was similar to the jelly so this was my kinda place. Friendly inviting staff, corner booth with good light. Turns out this post is real close to the half way point of this thing? just when I was feeling down, rebirth. Peanut Butter, Jelly, Bacon and then a cheeseburger with the greens and pickles and whole nine as well. Ok, I transcended, I have been on another plane since this experience so does that make it #1 ? Great place, hope to go ice fishing up there and will be going to Lucha’s for some mexican.

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