Leadville, Colorado

img_1417Lake County Seat, Leadville is home to about 2,600 residents. at over 10,200 feet it is known locally as the “two mile high city”. Incorporated in 1878, the area was first settled in 1859 after gold was discovered in California Gulch. Placer Miners were having trouble with a heavy black sand clogging their sluice boxes, it was learned that this heavy sand was a type of lead with high concentrations of silver. img_1409Lake County Courthouse on the main drag.img_1410Downtown Leadville still has the pioneer feelimg_1402I was lucky to be in Leadville to watch my Nephew compete in a mountain bike race. At over 10,000 feet I was amazed at his accomplishment as I was winded just walking the hundred yards to this photo spot. Most people I spoke with guided me to a well known tourist destination in town for a burger, a few longtime (and one native) suggested the best burger was off the beaten path, at the Pastime.img_1419I love this place, at over 100 yrs old this building has a gentle unassuming slope inside which actually made me feel like I was walking straight and fully erect for the first time in years. img_1434“I would like a kickass cheeseburger” was my opener, “you want fries with that” was the response. The woman at the bar immediately took residence in my heart. I don’t ask for much, I mean were talking cheeseburgers here, be confident and proud and you have me as a customer for life. I enjoyed the openness of the other patrons and had some good sports related discussions. I would only need two bottles to live here, one oxygen and one whisky. Oh yea, the burger was in fact kickass with fresh locally sourced beef, fresh condiments, and awesome fries. I cant wait to come back for another.

7 thoughts on “Leadville, Colorado

  1. Thank you so much for coming in, loved this!!! Especially the slanted floor comment hahaha. Hope to see you again sometime. Cant wait to share this on our Facebook page!!!
    Nate and Dawn-Leadville’s Historic Pastime Bar & Cafe 120 West 2nd Street Leadville Co 80461


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