Colorado Springs, Colorado

img_1329El Paso County Seat, Colorado Springs, is home to about 500,000 people. A transient population base with several military institutions in  the area. This is a picture of the Pioneer Museum downtown by the Courthouse. Colorado Springs was incorporated in 1886. I like this town and have some history here. Downtown was a shithole 30 years ago, pretty cool now.img_1332County Courthouse, difficult to get a grip on the in or out of it.

A few antique stores around, a bit pricey for me. I found this cheese plate in a tote of dishes at a thrift store.

I received several different suggestions for a burger and actually had a hard time deciding. One of the problems I have encountered with high population towns is to many choices. I liked the sound of Bingo Burger.img_1334Bingo Burger on one of the main drags downtown. img_1339This place has the best Root Beer I have ever had. I approached the counter and was met by a menu that had every imaginable option so I was a bit overwhelmed and ordered what seemed to be the top dog, the Steel City. Place your order at the counter and get issued a bingo card with a spot filled in. I thought the staff was going to yell out “O-47” and I would excitedly yell “Bingo” and go get my meal, but it was not to be. Awesome Root Beer.Staff arrived with my burger and took my bingo card. The Steel City burger was loaded with fresh condiments, grilled onions, bacon, and a bun that seemed to be like a hawaiian bun. All fresh but a bit sweet for me, I need to spend more time learning the menu. I assumed for $16 I would get fries but they must be ordered separate. Best root beer I have ever had in my life.



2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. I like the cheese plate. Is it large enough for a crackers and cheese spread? Also, wish you had included a photo of the root beer. Yes, though the downtown might look better than 30 years ago it is sad to see how the population has increased so mightily in so many towns, including “the Springs”. This afternoon I drove through Las Vegas on I-25. It looked so crowded and dirty I wasn’t even tempted to slow down. I think I remember when the strip was the main drag through town. Anyway, I’m enjoying your county seat series and I’m happy to see there are still a lot of small towns hanging in there.


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