Akron, Colorado

IMG_1321Washington County seat, Akron, was incorporated in 1887. Akron is home to about 1700 people. IMG_1267Courthouse a block off the main drag is impressive.IMG_1275A town built to support the railroad, Akron was named after a railroad employee’s wife’s hometown of Akron, Ohio.IMG_1276The museum was closed when I was in town but I spoke with a few people about places to get a cheeseburger and came to the conclusion that Cindy’s Kitchen was a good option.IMG_1309I love food trucks as a general rule so was excited to see Cindy’s Kitchen right on the main drag in a bank parking lot. I was ready to get a move on as this quest is beginning to take its toll on me, in more ways than one. I approached the window at about 10:30 am and asked if it was to early to get a kick ass cheeseburger? The look I received from the young lady behind the screen implied I was the crazy one for thinking it was ever possible to be “to early” for a cheeseburger. Cindy owned me at that moment.IMG_1320I went down the street and found a bench in the city park to reveal Cindy’s work. The juice had penetrated two layers of paper so I knew I was in for a treat. I have had a few burgers in a row that I really liked, this one was no exception. Two juicy patties, cheese dripping off, onions and the important shredded lettuce. I am not opposed to whole lettuce leaves but hate it when I take a bite and don’t quite sever the lettuce and it pulls out with sauce and loose ingredient hitchhikers. Any time of day I see Cindy’s Kitchen in my travels and I am there!

6 thoughts on “Akron, Colorado

  1. I have known Cindy since she was sixteen. I miss her burgers almost as much as her. She is better at flipping burgers that anyone I know. She is a good Christian woman. A hard worker. The Hank you for giving her such a great review.


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