Fairplay, Colorado

IMG_1195Park County Seat, Fairplay was founded in 1895 and is home to about 700 hearty residents. The town was named by settlers who felt mining claims issued to early prospectors were to generous and vowed to keep things fair. Located on the western edge of the Colorado grassland basin known as south park. There is a cool open air museum in town called South Park City which has some original buildings as well as structures from the area brought in.IMG_1188New CourthouseIMG_1189The Original Courthouse was built in 1874 after a major fire in 1873. The building is the home office of the South Park National Heritage Area. We received an awesome tour of the building and learned interesting history. Very glad to see that the building is undergoing some major rehabilitation. I will be back next year for Burro Days and check on the progress.IMG_1198South Park Community church, originally the Sheldon Jackson Memorial Chapel, was rebuilt in 1874 as well.  I am sure there is some good history here but for me it was interesting because this was the same Sheldon Jackson that was the namesake of a (now closed) community college in Sitka, Alaska. A campus I have been to many times.IMG_1216A couple good antique stores in town but I found my treasure at the Senior Center Thrift Store. A piece of Syracuse China I gave .27 for. I received some good input on possible burger spots, made a decision and found out that establishment was not open until dinner so went to the Park Bar.IMG_1199Park BarIMG_1203Very impressed with the flowers in the outside area of the Park BarIMG_1207Greeted by enthusiastic staff I was glad to order a kick ass cheeseburger without having to look at a menu. Sitting outside in this beautiful setting, with serve yourself water, it didn’t even matter how my burger turned out because it was all ready a win. 1/2 pound of hand pressed beef, fresh condiments, pickles I like, awesome bun and possibly the best coleslaw I have ever had. Heaven



2 thoughts on “Fairplay, Colorado

    • Good eye Surly, I will say that it is kind of confusing to me as well. On March 16 1869 after Fairplay’s population had doubled in size they conducted a vote to be incorporated and change the name to South Park City. The following August the Rocky Mountain News published a story without recognizing the name change so I guess it never stuck. Maybe someone from their will read this and clarify.


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