Springfield, Colorado

IMG_1151Baca County seat, Springfield was incorporated in 1889 and is home to about 1,500 people. I took the dust bowl driving tour but was unable to differentiate between current habitation, and what was abandoned.IMG_1146Courthouse on the main drag. It sounds like the main legal stuff going on is ordinance #321 which allows for the keeping of chickens in town, but clearly states”the keeping of roosters over 6 months of age is prohibited” apparently there has been an increase of “rooster in town” complaints.IMG_1139 Gobblers Knob IMG_1167I drove thru more grasshoppers than I have ever seen, it was like driving over popcorn. I was approached by several species of insect whenever I got out of my “pod”IMG_1180Great selection of antique stores in town. I saw lots of things I wanted but really only one thing I “needed” a jar of marbles. Good old glass cat eye’s but the bottle made in Spain was what I liked. It sounded like I would have about three choices for a burger in town so I opted for the “Trail’s End” perfectly attached to one end of an antique mall.IMG_1173I was first in line upon opening at 11am. Order at the counter and take care of all administrative needs at that time. I ordered the 1/2 pounder with everything on it. Fresh pressed pattie loaded with fresh condiments, this pattie hung over the edge of the bun all the way around. Cooked to perfection on an awesome bun, excellent cheeseburger at the end of the trail.

12 thoughts on “Springfield, Colorado

  1. I love your posts! I missed commenting on the last couple because I was on the road and not always easy to find a communication device. I’m pretty sure the bug isn’t a grasshopper but have no idea what it is. The name is a mere technicality when you are driving through a storm of them. I might like to visit that corner of the state to explore the dust bowl stuff. Keep it up, mr burger.


  2. thanks for stopping and eating at our restaurant and I love the fact that you go to the locals and don’t use yelp or google on where to eat. Hope you’ll stop in again and good luck with your travels.


  3. I think I need a book of all these places , especially the ones attached to antique stores. My friend will be in Colorado in October. I may go take a road trip with him. And I will be happy to take your marbles. Xo Heidi


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