Meeker, Colorado

IMG_1125Rio Blanco County seat, Meeker is home to about 2,500 residents. The town is named after Nathan Meeker, a U.S. Indian Agent. Meeker was killed by Ute Indians in the Meeker Massacre of 1879. The massacre kicked off the “Ute War” resulting in the re-location of Ute’s to Utah. Meeker wanted the Ute’s to comply with his vision of self sustaining agriculture instead of following herds of animals for food, so he plowed up their  horse racing area, and they killed him.IMG_1119Courthouse undergoing some renovation IMG_1114 I learned a lesson about taking the back way to the middle of nowhere, open range. I took an 85 mile dirt road from Yampa to Meeker, apparently a route used by the relocating Ute. beautiful landscape dotted by empty Forest service campgrounds.IMG_1133Atlas e-z seal “quick as lightnin” jar i found at the town antique store. lots of good pickens. also got a “little pal” pocket tape measure. I met some interesting people and everyone had good suggestions for a cheeseburger, what I found odd was everyone spoke of Clark’s but there seemed to be an air of warning. It was like it had to be mentioned but it would be in my best interest to go elsewhere. To be sure, if I wanted a good cheeseburger go anywhere but Clark’s.IMG_1124Clark’s was originally part of a chain founded in 1973 but has since become privately owned.IMG_1131I arrived at 11 am, opening time, and was second in line. I was greeted by what appeared to be youngsters playing grab ass enjoying the summer, I understand. Standard; order at the counter and step to the right. I ordered the 1/2 pounder and went outside as the line was forming. I appreciate waiting for my burger to be made to order. This is a cheeseburger in its purest form, hand pressed beef, condiments pre-applied. Greasy juice ran down my left arm to my elbow, nirvanna. For me this is what a cheeseburger should be, the pain in my chest and paralysis is a sure indication of perfection.

One thought on “Meeker, Colorado

  1. I just love these posts! You have kept me entertained week after week. Sorry I don’t get onto my computer often enough to leave a comment because I have many. I enjoy your nice pictures, the history of each town’s beginnings, antiques searches, cheeseburger discoveries–right down to the very important ordering procedure. And it’s great to learn all these things about Colorado, a little travelogue that makes me think I would like to wander around there, especially in the good antique towns, maybe not so much in the cheeseburger spots. Carry on, I guess you will until that last cheeseburger has been ingested.


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