IMG_1174This is in response to a comment from Aunt Holly a few weeks ago. I have been trying to figure out how to post a picture on a message reply but have been unsuccessful so you get your own post. Anyway, thanks for reading, I thought of you when driving through Holly CO. It is not a county seat but very cute. Happy Birthday!

Akron, Colorado

IMG_1321Washington County seat, Akron, was incorporated in 1887. Akron is home to about 1700 people. IMG_1267Courthouse a block off the main drag is impressive.IMG_1275A town built to support the railroad, Akron was named after a railroad employee’s wife’s hometown of Akron, Ohio.IMG_1276The museum was closed when I was in town but I spoke with a few people about places to get a cheeseburger and came to the conclusion that Cindy’s Kitchen was a good option.IMG_1309I love food trucks as a general rule so was excited to see Cindy’s Kitchen right on the main drag in a bank parking lot. I was ready to get a move on as this quest is beginning to take its toll on me, in more ways than one. I approached the window at about 10:30 am and asked if it was to early to get a kick ass cheeseburger? The look I received from the young lady behind the screen implied I was the crazy one for thinking it was ever possible to be “to early” for a cheeseburger. Cindy owned me at that moment.IMG_1320I went down the street and found a bench in the city park to reveal Cindy’s work. The juice had penetrated two layers of paper so I knew I was in for a treat. I have had a few burgers in a row that I really liked, this one was no exception. Two juicy patties, cheese dripping off, onions and the important shredded lettuce. I am not opposed to whole lettuce leaves but hate it when I take a bite and don’t quite sever the lettuce and it pulls out with sauce and loose ingredient hitchhikers. Any time of day I see Cindy’s Kitchen in my travels and I am there!

Lamar, Colorado

IMG_1245Prowers County Seat, Lamar, was incorporated in 1886. Home to about 8,000 people, this quaint town is a stop on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief run. The city was named after Secretary of the Interior Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II, although it sounds like he had never visited the area, the naming was an attempt to receive favor in selecting the town as the area Land Office.IMG_1242Prowers County Courthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. One of the most interesting things I could find on the area is that it is one of three antipodal locations in the United States. A few good antique stores in town but I was not able to find anything that spoke to me. The few humans I spoke to suggested BJ’s as the preferred burger stop.IMG_1260BJ’s looked to have been around awhile and appeared to be a combo drive in/walk in.IMG_1255I love this place! The waitstaff are hidden on the other end of this phone line, pick it up and you are connected to BJ’s central communications where you place your order.IMG_1254Shortly after placing your order the human element appears with your food. I am kicking myself for not trying the Frozen Pickle Juice!IMG_1258You must enter with a total disregard for health. Burgers are served wrapped in a foil tomb, this doubles as your plate. I love this type of burger, no putting on air’s, greasy meat, cheese, condiments, questionable bun. I wish I lived in Lamar because I would eat here every day. I am glad I don’t live in Lamar because I would eat here every day.

Fairplay, Colorado

IMG_1195Park County Seat, Fairplay was founded in 1895 and is home to about 700 hearty residents. The town was named by settlers who felt mining claims issued to early prospectors were to generous and vowed to keep things fair. Located on the western edge of the Colorado grassland basin known as south park. There is a cool open air museum in town called South Park City which has some original buildings as well as structures from the area brought in.IMG_1188New CourthouseIMG_1189The Original Courthouse was built in 1874 after a major fire in 1873. The building is the home office of the South Park National Heritage Area. We received an awesome tour of the building and learned interesting history. Very glad to see that the building is undergoing some major rehabilitation. I will be back next year for Burro Days and check on the progress.IMG_1198South Park Community church, originally the Sheldon Jackson Memorial Chapel, was rebuilt in 1874 as well.  I am sure there is some good history here but for me it was interesting because this was the same Sheldon Jackson that was the namesake of a (now closed) community college in Sitka, Alaska. A campus I have been to many times.IMG_1216A couple good antique stores in town but I found my treasure at the Senior Center Thrift Store. A piece of Syracuse China I gave .27 for. I received some good input on possible burger spots, made a decision and found out that establishment was not open until dinner so went to the Park Bar.IMG_1199Park BarIMG_1203Very impressed with the flowers in the outside area of the Park BarIMG_1207Greeted by enthusiastic staff I was glad to order a kick ass cheeseburger without having to look at a menu. Sitting outside in this beautiful setting, with serve yourself water, it didn’t even matter how my burger turned out because it was all ready a win. 1/2 pound of hand pressed beef, fresh condiments, pickles I like, awesome bun and possibly the best coleslaw I have ever had. Heaven



Springfield, Colorado

IMG_1151Baca County seat, Springfield was incorporated in 1889 and is home to about 1,500 people. I took the dust bowl driving tour but was unable to differentiate between current habitation, and what was abandoned.IMG_1146Courthouse on the main drag. It sounds like the main legal stuff going on is ordinance #321 which allows for the keeping of chickens in town, but clearly states”the keeping of roosters over 6 months of age is prohibited” apparently there has been an increase of “rooster in town” complaints.IMG_1139 Gobblers Knob IMG_1167I drove thru more grasshoppers than I have ever seen, it was like driving over popcorn. I was approached by several species of insect whenever I got out of my “pod”IMG_1180Great selection of antique stores in town. I saw lots of things I wanted but really only one thing I “needed” a jar of marbles. Good old glass cat eye’s but the bottle made in Spain was what I liked. It sounded like I would have about three choices for a burger in town so I opted for the “Trail’s End” perfectly attached to one end of an antique mall.IMG_1173I was first in line upon opening at 11am. Order at the counter and take care of all administrative needs at that time. I ordered the 1/2 pounder with everything on it. Fresh pressed pattie loaded with fresh condiments, this pattie hung over the edge of the bun all the way around. Cooked to perfection on an awesome bun, excellent cheeseburger at the end of the trail.

Meeker, Colorado

IMG_1125Rio Blanco County seat, Meeker is home to about 2,500 residents. The town is named after Nathan Meeker, a U.S. Indian Agent. Meeker was killed by Ute Indians in the Meeker Massacre of 1879. The massacre kicked off the “Ute War” resulting in the re-location of Ute’s to Utah. Meeker wanted the Ute’s to comply with his vision of self sustaining agriculture instead of following herds of animals for food, so he plowed up their  horse racing area, and they killed him.IMG_1119Courthouse undergoing some renovation IMG_1114 I learned a lesson about taking the back way to the middle of nowhere, open range. I took an 85 mile dirt road from Yampa to Meeker, apparently a route used by the relocating Ute. beautiful landscape dotted by empty Forest service campgrounds.IMG_1133Atlas e-z seal “quick as lightnin” jar i found at the town antique store. lots of good pickens. also got a “little pal” pocket tape measure. I met some interesting people and everyone had good suggestions for a cheeseburger, what I found odd was everyone spoke of Clark’s but there seemed to be an air of warning. It was like it had to be mentioned but it would be in my best interest to go elsewhere. To be sure, if I wanted a good cheeseburger go anywhere but Clark’s.IMG_1124Clark’s was originally part of a chain founded in 1973 but has since become privately owned.IMG_1131I arrived at 11 am, opening time, and was second in line. I was greeted by what appeared to be youngsters playing grab ass enjoying the summer, I understand. Standard; order at the counter and step to the right. I ordered the 1/2 pounder and went outside as the line was forming. I appreciate waiting for my burger to be made to order. This is a cheeseburger in its purest form, hand pressed beef, condiments pre-applied. Greasy juice ran down my left arm to my elbow, nirvanna. For me this is what a cheeseburger should be, the pain in my chest and paralysis is a sure indication of perfection.