Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

IMG_1056Grand County seat, Hot Sulphur Springs, was discovered in 1840 by William Newton Byers. Byers was the founder of the Rocky Mountain News. About 700 people live here. I found it interesting that Byers bought the land from a Sioux woman, while the land was owned by the Ute’s. The Utes sued to get their land back, and lost.IMG_1052I think this is the Court House. Payday used to always be on the last day of the month and frequently ended in gunfights. Because of this, Halloween was celebrated on the 30th instead of the 31’st to protect the children. That tradition is still in effect today.IMG_1060But I prefer this one.IMG_1045I drove through Rocky Mountain National Park on my way to Hot Sulphur Springs. I have talked to a few people that have been to the park recently and were a little disappointed they haven’t seen any wildlife…… First light is key!IMG_1061I enjoyed the Museum, but besides that and the resort there is not much else in town, It was suggested I get my burger at one location but when it still wasn’t open by 11:00 I went down the street to the Glory Hole. The name reminded me of the homeless shelter in Juneau so I was interested anyway.IMG_1062I walked in through the employee entrance and was made right at home by the friendly staff. Good cheeseburger meeting all my requirements, I didn’t even have to ask for mustard. My debit card was declined when it was charged $917.00 so it took a bit to realize because I felt fairly certain I had $9.17.

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