Wray, Colorado

IMG_1006Yuma County seat, Wray, was incorporated in 1906 and is home to about 2500 people. The community was named after John Wray, a local Cattleman. Water storage is critical in Colorado, it has taken me awhile to learn that towns in the plains need water towers, while mountain community’s put storage tanks on hills above town.IMG_1009Hands down my favorite Court House to date, It is very clear what the building is. IMG_1014Wray is an All-America City which is quite exciting since I was unable to really find any history on the area, except for the famous Battle of Beecher Island which was about 20 miles from town.IMG_1019I did climb to the top of a small bluff and see a marker from the first meeting of Masons in Eastern Colorado.IMG_0994There was only one thrift store, which I will say was very well stocked, but sadly the gold lame’ and lycra was not speaking to me. So I did not get anything.  I forgot to get a picture of my cheeseburger spot but will say it is called “4th and Main Downtown Grill”, coincidentally located at 4th and Main, upstairs.IMG_1020I will just say this burger shot to the top 5. The staff greeted me and was very attentive (although I was the only patron) I ordered a large kickass burger and that is what I received. Sauted mushrooms, some kind of onion,fresh pressed beef, generous amounts of fresh produce, and perfect bun. In a town that seems to be in an alternate universe, they have adopted an amazing burger joint.

5 thoughts on “Wray, Colorado

  1. Thanks for the kind words for 4th & Main! We love our spot, and we love Wrayberry! So glad Sam took care of you – we are off on Wednesdays – sorry we missed you!~EJ & Renae, owner operators


  2. I think it might behoove you to find out what it means to be an “All America City”. I think there is criteria you may have missed.


    • All America City has been awarded to 10 community’s a year since 1949. It is the oldest civic award of its kind. Towns have to apply for the award and show where they have improved or overcome some problem, kinda.


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