Greeley, Colorado

IMG_0960Weld County Seat, Greeley, was founded in 1869 and named after Horace Greeley editor of the New York Tribune where he popularized the term “Go west young man”. Horace came to the area during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. The population is a couple kids short of 100,000.IMG_0952Impressive courthouse across the street from Lincoln Park where I saw law enforcement roughing up some homeless dudes before lunch. Greeley began as Union Colony, an experimental Utopian community based on temperance, agriculture, education and family values. I was here at 11:00 so I guess the clock is broken.IMG_0950I wish I had been documenting all the statue of liberty’s I have seen at courthouses, it seems to be a popular gift to local boy scout troops. James Michener went to College here and got the inspiration for his novel Centennial, from the town history and Colorado Region. Roy Lewis Norris, serial killer, was born here as well. It was hot and stifling so I did not spend much time in antique stores. Most people directed me to the sister store of the burger joint I went to in Ft. Collins so I opted for the second popular Fat Albert’s.IMG_0956Fat Albert’s is attached to the Wells Fargo bank.IMG_0955Fresh pressed beef with a nice selection of condiments and toasted bun, an excellent burger. I really like the potato skin sides, deep fried potato halves with a gob of sour cream.

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