Golden, Colorado

IMG_0867Jefferson County Seat, Golden. Founded 1859 during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, actually named Golden City at the time. Golden City was the capital of the Territory of Colorado until it moved to Denver in 1867. About 20,000 people live where the west lives.IMG_0874I have been driving past the back of this building and always thought it was a church or mosque or the like. Turns out the people of Jefferson County have made quite an investment to ensure proper punishment of wrong doing. The Jefferson County Courthouse is just a part of what looks like several buildings of incarceration on an actual 18 hole golf course.IMG_0851I guess they make some beers here but I was impressed to learn Golden is the birthplace of the Jolly Rancher.IMG_0865The OldIMG_0856Mixed in with the new.IMG_0855Clear Creek runs through the middle of town, lots of neat brass sculptures around but I thought these fish were cool.IMG_0863Golden has some neat antique and second hand stores but I was unable to find any keepsake. I did receive allot of input on cheeseburger options and they were all Bob’s Atomic Burgers.IMG_0868Every day is a roll of the dice. I walked into Bobs at 11:15 because I was warned a couple times to get there early, I saw what looked like coffee filters with labels on them. I could see (kinda, I did not have my glasses on) it was up to me to fill out the order form for my burger. By the time I figured out the system a guy turned in his party’s request for 14 assorted sandwiches. I remained positive because this place is cool, I turned in my order and was pleased to find out that instead of me giving them my name, they name me.IMG_0869I was the Genie, but I heard other cooler names.IMG_0871The staff rose up with the big order before mine, but since each sandwich is made fresh I ended up waiting awhile for my burger, fresh pressed patty, Monterrey jack, tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapeno bottle caps? on a delicious fresh bun. The burger was cooked to perfection, I thought I got fries with that but guess its separate. A learning experience that has me ready the next time I am in Golden, because I will definitely be back !

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