Craig, Colorado

IMG_0810Moffat County Seat, Craig, was incorporated in 1908 and named after one of its original financial backers, Reverend William Bayard Craig. Craig is home to about 10,000 people making it a good sized community in the most north west county of the state.IMG_0788I was pleased to be joined by my first honorary co-host, my Niece Zoe. Here she is messing about in the ruins of the train depot. We came across the original sign from the depot in the foyer of the county museum, top photo. IMG_0813I will say I was impressed with the Moffat County Courthouse, a modern look and the first Courthouse where I noticed a “welcome” on the label. A carved wooden coal miner in front paying homage to the coal miner’s and large coal power plants in the area as well as the annual “Whittle the Wood Rendezvous” . The town is full of wooden carvings.IMG_0843We saw Moose, Elk, Deer and Antelope mostly in the Rocky Mountain National Park on the return, but Craig is known as the Elk hunting capital of the world.IMG_0801and one mountain lion.IMG_0844We went to a few junk stores and came across this tobacco tin, I gave $5.00 for it. My research shows it being from the 20’s and selling for about $20 so I am pretty excited about it. We talked to several people about cheeseburger options and received a few different suggestions but Dad’s was the winner.IMG_0831It sounded like Dad’s had not been open long but it seemed to be busy and had outside seating which is generally my preference. The service was excellent, when I asked for a kick ass cheeseburger our server asked if I wanted fries or onion rings with it. IMG_0826This was one kick ass cheeseburger, fresh beef served medium rare as ordered, fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, mushroom’s, swiss cheese, the kind of pickles I like but not really sure what they are and, I believe, a potato bun. Fresh cut french fries seasoned just right. An awesome burger in a town filled with cool wooden carvings. On a side note, I am learning a little about light, this photo is a result of being under a red umbrella in the sun.

2 thoughts on “Craig, Colorado

  1. So, did your side-kick have a cheeseburger, also? Looks likes a rather big meal. Don’t know that I’ve ever heard of Craig OR Moffat County. Bordered by Utah and Wyoming I see, and same county as the Dinosaur National Monument. How could Craig be the hunting capital of the world?


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