Trinidad, Colorado

IMG_0761Las Animas County seat, Trinidad, was incorporated in 1876. The area was first settled because of its proximity to the Santa Fe Trail in the early 1860’s. The area received its first real influx of immigrants when coal was discovered in the area in 1862. IMG_0757Las Animas County Courthouse, seems to meet all the courthouse criteria. IMG_0750August 7th 1902, a few years before my moms birthday, there was a mine explosion 6 miles north of Trinidad killing 13 miners. This disaster was the impetus for several mine strikes relating to the poor working conditions. This memorial, 18 miles north of Trinidad, is the location of the Ludlow Massacre (I believe referred to in Walsenberg post) in April 1914. Very well done memorial on the location with maps and stuff so it makes sense. IMG_0759A lot of train stuff in town, IMG_0763as well as good solid business models.IMG_0767I enjoyed the architecture in town and talked with a few people about Trinidads growing art scene. Most people don’t realize that this area was actually the location of the first rural artist commune known as “Drop City” established in the 1960’s by some college art and film students from Kansas and CU Boulder.Once again I was unable to find a trinket that suited me, although the selection was excellent, the prices seemed to be at a premium. I was also tired and cranky. Anyway it sounded like there was two choices for the cheeseburger.IMG_0778Last week Nipple Mountain, this week Double D’s. I am beginning to sense a theme for southern parts of the state. Trinidad was known as the “sex change capital of the world” with Dr. Biber conducting about four procedures a day. I wasn’t sure where to enter that fact so there it is. The service here was awesome and selection great, I heard from a couple people to try the “420” burger so I did. I wasn’t sure if that meant it had marijuana on it? or I had to be on it?IMG_0769Still not real sure about the “420” label on this burger but it was awesome! It seems that the closer to New Mexico, the more chile’s are incorporated into everything. I was expecting a more mild chile in this application, but I was wrong. This thing was built with excess in mind, everything fresh, piled on about a half pound burger patty. Excellent service, amazing burger in an awesome town.

4 thoughts on “Trinidad, Colorado

  1. I don’t think the two events are connected but the mine exploded exactly 39 years before your mom’s birthday. I was wondering if you would bring up Dr. Biber’s contribution to Trinidad’s fame, or, even if it is politically correct to mention. Four procedures a day!? Hard to believe.


  2. Y’all are leaving me in the dust, never heard of Dr Biber nor do I know what 420 means or has to do with marijuana, even though I’m in a state that legalized it. But Trinidad looks cool and that burger looks awesome, as do the onion rings. Yum!


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