Pagosa Springs, Colorado

IMG_0712Archuleta County seat, Pagosa Springs incorporated in 1891,  home to about 1,800 humans and apparently home of the worlds deepest hot springs. The Utes call the springs Pahgosah, meaning healing waters. IMG_0702This is not the courthouse, I thought it was but it is not.IMG_0689IMG_0700Cool little town with lots of commercial opportunity to soak in the healing waters. These towns are filled with a sulfur stench that I have never really liked, on the upside you can fart, or probably shit your pants, and those around you wont smell it.IMG_0710I went to  a few antique stores that seemed a bit out of my league and I couldn’t find anything that suited me, so I headed for the hills.  I made it as far as Nipple Ridge, up Nipple Mountain Road, to get a fleeting glimpse of Nipple Mountain. IMG_0686Healing waters abound, this is where you can touch it for free. It was hot and stinky. On the cheeseburger front there was no question, everyone said the Malt Shoppe.IMG_0717According to the propaganda on the wall this joint has been around for 35 years. The place was crowded, about 1pm, looked mostly like a malt crowd. Order at the counter, step to the right. Cheeseburger selection was in 1/4 pound increments, I got the 1/2 pounder. I saw a sign for the 1 pounder challenge but since it was busy and fairly regimented I did not want to be the one who gummed up the works by asking for the details.IMG_0724If I went to a restaurant and ordered a cheeseburger this is what I would expect. Couple patties, fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, fresh bun and good waffle fries. Especially good while sitting on the deck by the river. I like the town, lots of park space on the river, seems like you need a sack of money to get a shot at the healing waters though.

4 thoughts on “Pagosa Springs, Colorado

  1. Loved this one, especially the smell and nipple mountain, at least they named it proper. I’m in Canada, eh? I have almost had my fill of this place but then I get to
    Lasqueti and it’s kinda heaven, but a lot of work. I need to let it go. Carry on, I enjoy all your entries. Xoxo Heidi


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