Ft. Collins, Colorado

IMG_0677Larimer County seat, Ft. Collins is home to about 160,000 residents and was incorporated in 1883. Originally known as Camp Collins, it was a military outpost erected to protect the Overland mail route during the Indian wars in mid 1800’s. I like this cool trolley car that makes a three mile loop from City Park through Old Town. I read somewhere that in order to find a water tower you must look up. I may not have looked up at the right time as I never saw one.IMG_0679IMG_0663Larimer County Courthouse, seemed a bit over the top for me, but pretty cool. There is a lot going on here, sugar beet farming and sheep slaughtering was the areas original industry. The Great Western sugar processing plant was built in the area in 1901.IMG_0660I have a problem doing what I like to do when a town has more than a couple thousand people. I went to a few antique/junk stores but they were a bit to clean and pricey for me so I did not make any purchases, although I did find a thermos I want,  after some research I may return some day and see if it is still there. I spoke with a few people about the best cheeseburger and received mostly different answers, the one that peaked my interest was the Burger Bar.IMG_0672I will say that I learned quite a few interesting facts about Ft. Collins and one of my favorites is that Walt Disney used one of his staff members home town photo of Ft. Collins main street as inspiration for Main Street USA in his theme parks.IMG_0675I need to start by saying I don’t know where to start. I have a few general guidelines in my mind I try to adhere to while on my quest. One is criteria for a chain, I feel that three or more establishments constitutes a chain. When I walked into the Burger Bar I found out it was one of three, but I didn’t want to walk out when I saw the potential. I have heard about it, read about it, daydreamed about it, but never had a cheeseburger with a glazed doughnut bun. Burger Bar calls it the “Hangover” fresh ground beef, fried egg, bacon, on a fresh glazed doughnut bun with maple syrup on the side. If loving this burger is wrong, than it goes without saying, I don’t want to be right.

6 thoughts on “Ft. Collins, Colorado

  1. I’m pretty sure I have never heard of such a disgusting cheeseburger! But I guess it’s your responsibility, to give all colorado cheeseburgers a try.


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