Kiowa, Colorado

IMG_0643Elbert County Seat, Kiowa, has the largest water tower I have seen so far on this quest. Kiowa was settled in 1859 but not incorporated until 1912. This place has had its share of warring and hardship with floods and battles, the name has changed several times, most significantly from “Midddle” Kiowa, since it was between “Upper” and “Lower” Kiowa.IMG_0646Cant see the Courthouse for the trees, a major highway comes thru town and this building as well as the few other businesses are right on it. There is about 750 people that live in the town but I noticed some pretty big subdivisions driving in. IMG_0637Kiowa is the county seat, but most everyone I talked to referred me to Elizabeth, 7 miles west. There was one junk store that had pretty good stuff, again the clerk referred me to Elizabeth for a cheeseburger and antiques, unless I really wanted pizza.IMG_0655I paid 7 dollars to much for this 1.5 quart piece of crockery. The only reason I got it was to go with the tabasco tray I got from my mother, so now they are both in a bag under the counter in the garage. If I couldn’t make it the 7 miles to Elizabeth than there was one option for a cheeseburger in town that was open. Patty Ann’sIMG_0648Always leery when there is a help wanted sign.IMG_0652Standard cheeseburger with fresh hand pressed beef, fresh condiments and good bun. The one thing I found interesting was the choice of cottage cheese as a side. When I walk into my restaurant of choice I generally just ask for a kick ass cheeseburger, show me what you can do. Most of the time I am then referred to the menu and have to make a choice from a wide selection of options. At Patty Ann’s my excellent server did not bat an eye and just said you want cottage cheese with that? Yes

One thought on “Kiowa, Colorado

  1. Curious about the origin of the “Kiowa” name. Probably American Indian? And I see there is a Kiowa County down the road apiece. Maybe that whole area was Kiowa territory, thus there was an “upper”, “middle” and “lower”. Maybe it’s a river, which could explain the flooding. Think I have to do my own googling on this one. Keep cheeseburgering!


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