Holyoke, Colorado

IMG_0620Phillips County seat, Holyoke, is a town of about 2,000 people that was incorporated in 1888. All the history I could find on the place was it was named after Holyoke Massachusetts. I do like the town motto “It’s not what you show, it’s what you grow” While driving out here I noticed long stretches where corn was raised on one side of the highway while massive cattle feedlots were on the other side. IMG_0617Nice Courthouse groundsIMG_0627Huge grain elevators in the middle of town. The museum was closed and there was not one antique store in town. I talked to the owner of a gun store who had some old stuff, I held a three barreled derringer pistol that was used in a scene of the new Lone Ranger movie. Now I will have to try and sit through that movie (I started to watch it before but it was bad) to verify. I asked a couple people about best cheeseburger options and all fingers pointed to the Skillet.IMG_0621Set back off the highway, ample parking during the lunch hour had me wondering.IMG_0631Outstanding! I got the deluxe cheeseburger with avocado and it was excellent. My server was wonderful and attentive, she told me they cut there own meat, not sure if that is from the hooves or what. This was everything I look for in a burger experience, from the ample amounts of ice tea, homemade potato chips, lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato and perfect bun. As good as it gets.IMG_0634Did I mention potato chips made in house? seasoned just right. I was a bit bummed that there were no junk stores in town but am glad to have finished the counties in this northeast corner of the state. There was an antique store in the next town, about 19 miles away but it was closed when I went by.

3 thoughts on “Holyoke, Colorado

  1. I’m befuddled. I thought I read somewhere that you were finished with the northeast corner of Colorado. That comment (real or imagined) inspired me to finally pull out my AAA Colorado map and mark all the counties with a permanent marker. Some are so small! I think you said there were 50 so I checked WA state and found we have 39 which also seems like quite a few. At any rate this will make the Mr Burger posts more relevant for me, geographically. Since these counties border Nebraska and Kansas no wonder they look like fine old midwestern towns, grain elevators, feed lots and all.
    The home made potato chips look delicious I must say. And the teardrop trailer–yep, lots of good history with that old aircraft aluminum. My Spartan in Borrego was built by Spartan Aircraft after the war. The company was owned by J Paul Getty at that time.
    I am enjoying these cheeseburgers, vicariously.


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