Hugo, Colorado

IMG_0558Lincoln County Seat, Hugo, was incorporated in 1909 but was developed in the late 1850’s. There seems to be a couple version’s of who the town was named after, this I find most interesting because one person was Hugo Richards, and the other was Richard Hugo.IMG_0553Interesting facade on the basic structure of the County Courthouse. The area of this town of 800 people is exactly one square mile.IMG_0556One of the most interesting things in town is this “roundhouse” where several train cars can be brought in for repairs and spun around when fixed. The roundhouse is currently undergoing renovations to be a community center and museum.IMG_0559State of the art medical facility has its own helicopter, it is 100 miles in any direction to the next closest hospital.IMG_0562Even the city park has classic rides. The community swimming pool here is on the National Registry of Historic Places.IMG_0566Once again I have learned a valuable lesson in “antiquing” I wanted a fish but it was to big to carry around so I told the proprietor I found something but did not tell her what it was, I figured it was safe with thousands of items and few customers. After checking a couple other establishments I decided on the fish and went back to the store to find a local woman completing the purchase of MY fish! I couldn’t believe it, we had a fun conversation and it sounds like I would be eligible for visitation if I choose to pursue it. I ended up giving $5 for a silver plated soap holder.IMG_0565Everyone I came in contact with here was friendly and interesting. It was the grand opening of a new Subway sandwich place so that seemed to be creating all the buzz. The only other restaurant in town was Jean’s which is where I went for my burger.IMG_0564Locally sourced Buffalo burger is the signature sandwich at Jean’s. The service was prompt and friendly (like every person I met here) The burger was just what you look for from standard local diner. Fresh condiments, grilled burger and bun with old school atmosphere.

6 thoughts on “Hugo, Colorado

  1. Oh yes, I learned long ago that if you really want it you better grab it now! And if you only sorta think you might want it, hand it to the proprietress and tell her you’ll be back. I guess I have to admit that altho it’s happened a few times that I’ve lost a treasure, I can’t really recall what that treasure was that I lost. So I guess it doesn’t matter. Hugo sounds like a nice little town.


  2. So, you let another fish get away? Or, maybe they call it “catch and release”? Not sure what the playground thing was. Maybe the seated kids make it go around and around? I I like the old towns on the plains and would be fun to explore; especially the antique and junk shops.


  3. I like your take on Hugo. Yes, that makes you mad when you lose an antique that way but sometimes that’s how I make my decision. “If it’s still here when I come back, I’ll buy it”. Or “if I still want it tomorrow, I’ll get it”. Anyway, good blurb. You always have nice things to say and that is good for the book! Look forward to future posts. Xo Heidi


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