Julesburg, Colorado

IMG_0530Sedgwick County Seat, Julesburg, is in the northeastern most part of the state close to Nebraska. The city was incorporated in 1886 but from 1860-1861 was on the Pony Express route from Missouri to California. The towns namesake, Jules Beni, was actually  known for stealing horses from the Pikes Peak Express Company and operating the original trading post in the area. The town was originally Fort Sedgwick, the location Kevin Costner was stationed in the movie “Dances with Wolves”. The Indians kicked a lot of ass here in retaliation for the Sand Creek Massacre.IMG_0531Formidable Court HouseIMG_0543Everywhere you turn there is some type of Pony Express statue or icon, and porti potties.IMG_0536IMG_0535Not really sure why it is the “wickedest” city in the west, seemed quiet and friendly to me.IMG_0546I was interested to see a pack of Cormorants on the South Platte river, I guess I thought they were more oceany, just noticed a Heron in the background.IMG_0541IMG_0540I could easily spend all day here picking thru the neat stuff.IMG_0552The best junk stores I have been in to date, I have been looking at these damn canning jars every where I go and was determined to never get one. I did some research and learned Atlas jars were not made after 1965 so it will always be that old, if it has a seam through the lip it was made after 1915, this 1/2 gallon jar has a seam but also air bubbles and deformities, and hint of purple. I have been seeing the quarts priced about $20 and have not seen many 1/2 gallon ones. I gave 16 dollars for something I am never going to buy?IMG_0533The people of Julesburg are great, I had some good conversation and may have entered a verbal contract to buy the only restaurant in town. Since the local cafe was closed I needed to adjust my protocol for cheeseburger selection and at least keep it in the county. I had two choices, Lucy’s and PVH, no one had time to use the whole name “Platte Valley Hotel”, I had to figure that out on my own.IMG_0547I followed the detailed directions (go to the town of Sedgwick and turn left) to find Lucy’s. Of course I seem to have challenges at every corner and because of “technical” difficulties I was not able to get a picture of my cheeseburger deluxe so you will have to imagine a cheeseburger deluxe at this point. I am told Chicken Fried Steak on Thursday is best here.

4 thoughts on “Julesburg, Colorado

  1. I think I like Julesburg but not sure how you can justify a cheeseburger blog post without addressing the cheeseburger. There must have been a funny reason why you couldn’t close the deal? The junk stuff sounds interesting and think I might like to check out some of those prairie towns in the summer. Hot, I think, and lots of neat old stuff.


    • Crazy isn’t it? My battery died, I was going to go back to my car for the spare but when my burger was served it was so pedestrian I did not bother. Not the county seat. I did suggest you “imagine” a deluxe burger . I ate the whole thing.


  2. So how big is Julesburg, I wonder. I hope the population is big enough (and employed) to keep your restaurant going for a few years.
    I have had my own technology challenges, the most important of which is my inability to leave a comment on your blog via my iPad which is my preferred device for reading email. So, henceforth on Colorado Cheeseburger day I will pull out my laptop. The pictures are bigger and better on the laptop anyway–all the better to see the growing collection of useless vintage stuff, of which I have quite a few myself. Do you know why some of the old glass is purple?


  3. Good to hear from you Holly. I think there is about 1200 people in Julesburg so I could make it, unsure if a cheeseburger only menu will work though. Manganese dioxide is something that may have something to do with glass discoloration. The stuffy professionals claim it devalues clear glass but I like it.


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