Walden, Colorado

IMG_0477Jackson County Seat, Walden, was founded in 1889 and named after the postmaster Marcus Walden. I had my share of troubles on this trip starting with spending a couple hours in the wrong town! I was talking to a woman in the junk store I was in and was getting very interested in the history as she was telling me about how the county seat was determined by a gunfight. I thought it was odd because that was not the same as the very pedestrian story I had read about the town being named after the postmaster and being a coal mining town. I got back in my car and looked at the map and realized I had missed a turn and was not where I thought I was. I ended up driving another hour to get to Walden and start over.IMG_0510IMG_0497Still winter in the high countryIMG_0502I paid 4 dollars for a small glass wheelbarrow, absolutely the last thing a person would ever need. Luckily there was only one place open to get a cheeseburger in this town of less than 600, the River Rock Cafe.IMG_0469IMG_0465Occasionally you are asked how you want your hamburger cooked and rarely is it correct because it is difficult. It is either raw or well done, in this case I asked for medium rare and that is how it arrived. The meat was fresh and juicy, condiments just right and the bun was like an english muffin. An excellent burger. IMG_0492

2 thoughts on “Walden, Colorado

  1. After researching cobalt blue glass wheelbarrows I suspect yours is a toothpick holder, always a necessity. Is it in two pieces? Walden doesn’t look like a happening place. I wonder what the population is?


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