Walsenburg, Colorado

IMG_0428Huerfano County Seat, Walsenburg, was settled about 150 years ago. Fred Walsen opened a mercantile and started the first coal mine in the area. Woodie Guthrie wrote a song about the “Ludlow  Massacre” where a couple dozen striking miners were killed. I assume the incident was not taken in to account when forming the town motto “A great place to be, welcome”.IMG_0422Good old fashioned county court house.IMG_0425The old Jail is the location for the area mining museum, which was closed.IMG_0421IMG_0420In the middle of no where the car in front of me, with two women,  and myself came upon this overturned semi truck, it was at this moment I realized I am not a first responder. After some panic time it was determined I needed to climb on the truck and look inside for the driver, I did not want to look in, after taking off my jacket and trying to will myself away from the scene another car showed up with a couple real men. It turned out the driver was gone so he must have gotten a ride. There was no cell phone reception so I volunteered to drive ahead and call 911.IMG_0434The truck was full of styrofoam egg cartons, not a good mix with high winds.IMG_0418IMG_0414Some old homesteady crap. I went to several antique stores in town but was unable to find anything that suited me. Every person I talked to did refer me to Georges Restaurant for the best “Chili” burger in town.IMG_0429IMG_0431Georges was packed when I arrived, always a good sign, I was greeted promptly by a very enthusiastic server. I asked for a kick ass burger, the Chili burger with mushrooms was suggested. All this time I was thinking Cowboys sitting around a campfire farting chili but it turned out it was canned green chili’s and canned mushrooms. Not choices I would normally make but this thing was awesome. The service was great and they even gave me an ice tea refill to go.IMG_0446I returned via the Phantom Canyon Highway, coolest road ever.

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