Boulder, Colorado

IMG_0391Not Getting out of Boulder, Colorado anytime soon, I am hungry for a cheeseburger now, maybe tomorrow.IMG_0394I did not want to play my Boulder card so soon. I spent most of my adult life in Alaska, I have never seen snow and mayhem like the past couple days. The snow was to my crotch, I was unable to get out for two days. I will live south. Luckily I had all ready started a bathroom fan light project and had been to Home Depot 8 times, this is why I cant be a handyman for non-family, It took me 8 trips to the store and four days (two snow days) to install a fucking bathroom fan! I would bid 47 minutes.IMG_0399Anyway here is a Boulder burger, grass fed, grain finished, Angus beef infused with montery jack and jalepeno. I like a meunster for cheese, sweet purple onion, green and yellow. With the brioche.The cat approved.

5 thoughts on “Boulder, Colorado

  1. ACK! I was so excited to see my Wednesday burger report and then to see a photo like that! You probably don’t want to know about our weather. Saw a nice quote the other day and thought of you: ‘creativity is like a stream, it finds it’s course.’ You have found your course through writing. Congratulations!


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