Canon City, Colorado

IMG_0346Fremont County seat, Cañon City whose motto is “Gateway to the authentic west”  while one sign entering the city says “Corrections capital of the world” and with a nickname of “Climate Capital of Colorado” seems they are covering all bases. This is a great town with the Arkansas River running through it, territorial prison museum, and a few miles from the Royal Gorge. It seems the area is transitioning from primarily agriculture and incarceration to more tourist stuff with white water rafting and fly fishing becoming more popular. It wasn’t until 1994 they decided to put that squiggly line above the first N.IMG_0347I hard a hard time finding a county courthouse but it seems that is all taken care of in this Fremont County Justice Center.IMG_0332Moderate temperatures in this mini banana belt were evident as several trees were in full bloom.IMG_0343I enjoyed this old gas chamber at the prison museum. There were also some interesting stories about escapes and stuff, but the rest of the exhibits were things I had already seen first hand so was glad to be able to walk out.IMG_0353I purchased a 1968 metal Snoopy lunchbox in one of the junk stores. The guy wanted 15 dollars for it which was more than I wanted to spend so I said I would look around and try to add it in to a “lot” purchase. while I was looking through his piles he said he would take 12 bucks for it. Meanwhile his helper looked it up on E-Bay and said they were going for about 40 bucks, of course now I wanted it and he didn’t want to sell it! I gave him 12 dollars plus tax.IMG_0351I talked to a lot of people about my cheeseburger options and most folks suggested the Owl Cigar Store. It is really just a bar but according to the sign “World Famous Hamburgers” meant it was right up my alley.IMG_0350Last week a health food store and now a cigar store, you never really know what you’ll find until you look for it. There is no attempt here to keep up with the artisan burger explosion, that is why I like it. This is bar food, fresh ground beef fried up at the bar, as it was in the ’50s. A regular burger is $2 , I opted for the “double double” for $3.25. No plates or baskets, just served on a piece of parchment paper, everything about this burger is based on grease containment. I took my first bite and felt a sharp pain travelling up my left arm, tightness in my chest and shortness of breath, all signs of an excellent burger. This is an awesome burger in an awesome town.

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