Burlington, Colorado

IMG_0216 (1)Kit Carson county seat, Burlington, is a stones throw from Kansas on I-70. I Love this town! The town was laid out originally in 1887 by some guy anticipating the arrival of the railroad, the fellow missed his calculations by one mile so when the railroad arrived they started their own town and most settlers from the previous location moved.IMG_0234 (1)County Courthouse, as plain as you can get. I thought with a name like Kit Carson it might be a little more frontiersy.IMG_0199 (1)The main city park does have a large fort looking playground with many interactive areas, I really liked this part where you pull these handles that strike a bell in a certain order to re-create a popular children’s tune.IMG_0245 (1)IMG_0258 (1)IMG_0253 (1)IMG_0244 (1)Old Town is a couple square blocks that is actually all part of the museum, very well done.IMG_0268 (1)My purchase, about the size of a tomato paste can, this promotional puzzle from the 70’s set me back .10. when I got home my niece and nephew assembled to confirm all pieces were present.IMG_0208 (1)I talked to several people in town, from the museum,on the street, and a couple stores about my cheeseburger options. For the most part the initial response was to send me up by the freeway to the couple of chain burger joints, sad. After some prodding and clarifying the importance of doing business at long time local establishments, there were two stand outs. The VFW hall and Essential Foods.IMG_0233 (1)I had stepped in to Essential Foods earlier for a little something to tide me over before cheeseburger hour and was warmly greeted by the staff and owner Melissa. I was given the grand tour by Melissa and was very impressed! The building built in the mid ’20s has lots of character and was superbly decorated, a bit difficult since it is really three things in one, wholistic store, restaurant and spa. Surely I am not going to drive all this way for a healthy cheeseburger?IMG_0284 (1)MelissaIMG_0276 (1)I can’t believe I chose to have my burger at the health food store. I tried to keep an open mind, I already know I prefer grass fed beef that is grain finished because, to me, it is much smoother tasting and firmer. Beef that is grass fed and finished has a bit of an iron taste, so I think I should just have venison. The hamburger at Essential Foods is grass fed and Flax seed finished which provides essential Omega 3s, whatever that is, I don’t know but you hear allot about it these days. The meat was cooked to perfection and extraordinary , add the house honey mustard, fresh greens,succulent tomato and perfectly baked brioche bun, Scrumptious. Where else in the world can you get a cheeseburger, acupuncture, and hemp seed oil in one awesome location. If I haven’t mentioned it I love this place! A gem in an oasis on the plains.


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