Sterling, Colorado

IMG_0182 (1)Sterling, Colorado. Logan County seat. Motto “A Colorado Treasure” Settled in 1868 its been around for awhile. Seems to be a lot if Indian history, as well as part of the Overland Trail, an offshoot of the Oregon Trail.IMG_0166 (1)It is hot and dusty here but the town square begins bustling with activity fairly early, possibly because it seems to be a primarily farming/ranching community. I did see a monument where it seems a boy scout troop in the ’50,s donated a miniature Statue of Liberty to the town for some reason.IMG_0190 (1)This is where cows spend their day “making hamburger”IMG_0162 (1)I found a small antique store where I met the owner and asked where the best place in town was to get a cheeseburger? He suggested a chain, I declined stating I was more interested in the towns best burger not a corporation’s opinion on what we should like. He understood and we discussed how one chain used to be the go-to in town but in recent years seems to have given in to corporate ideals. After some thought he suggested J&L Cafe. I purchased some adorable glass travel salt and pepper shakers for 4 dollars and went on my way.IMG_0176 (1)The Cafe was packed with locals at 2 in the afternoon so I knew it was going to be good.IMG_0159 (1)I honestly don’t know where I can go from here, this cheeseburger was so good how do I compare others? The bun, which in my opinion, makes or breaks a burger was baked to perfection. I believe it is of the Brioche variety.  The third pound patty was juicy and well done at the same time. I appreciated the fact that it was served with condiments on the side so I could position them to my liking. Thick sliced sweet onion, beautiful fresh dill pickle slices, tomato and fresh iceberg lettuce. An absolute explosion of flavor since the very first bite. Perfect. When I have a choice mustard is the only “liquid” condiment I use. I don’t really care about what potato based side it comes with but the tater salad was excellent. This was the first stop in my quest and am excited to see how it compares to the next location.

4 thoughts on “Sterling, Colorado

  1. Hurray! Have been missing posts from you ever since the fun of the Camino. Words and pictures are a delight already and I look forward to joining (vicariously) this journey of yours. Once upon a time we used to rate Mexican restaurants by ‘chihuahuas.’ 5 chihuahuas was as good as it got.


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