Cortez, Colorado

IMG_1708Montezuma County Seat, Cortez, is home to about 9,000 people. Built in 1886 Cortez was home to people digging tunnels and ditches to irrigate the valley. Although the area was originally inhabited by folks in these rocks. IMG_1684Standard issue CourthouseIMG_1695Coyotes think they are dogs here.IMG_1733a couple of the best junk stores I have come across yet, Seattle worlds fair glass 2 bucks. Usually when I ask three people where to get a burger I get two or three different suggestions, not here. Burger Boy is itIMG_1680Burger Boy Drive In is just thatIMG_1686Burger Boy Burger served promptly by an awesome staff that runs out to your car so you can continue texting and surfing without interruption. Fresh bun, fresh condiments, fresh hand pressed beef. Awesome.

Eads, Colorado

IMG_1671Kiowa County Seat, Eads is home to about 600 souls. Established in 1887 as a railroad town, it was named after bridge builder James Buchanan Eads.IMG_1673 (1)Courthouse’ish. I came down here the day after President Trump’s inauguration because Kiowa County had Colorado’s highest percentage of trump voters. I was expecting marching bands and at least some bunting, but nothing. I am not even sure if the residents knew it was the day after his inauguration. They do have a good name for their restaurant though. its restaurant.IMG_1677 (1)Restaurant, 600 people and all, its really all you need.IMG_1675 (1)Exactly what I would expect if I ordered a cheeseburger. Full filling my burger duties in Kiowa County. I have been adrift on this thing but am now back underway.

La Junta, Colorado

img_1650Otero County Seat, La Junta, incorporated in 1881 at “The Junction” of the Santa Fe Trail and a popular road to Pueblo. Home to about 7000 people on the Arkansas River, there is lots of agriculture and a large rail yard. img_1645Courthouse, fairly vanilla. This is a pretty cool town that was home to a part of the Strategic Air Command with lots of test pilots. Apparently the base shut down in the ’80s with the invention of flight simulators, eliminating the need for flying guinea pigs. When I drove by Boss Hogg’s Saloon and Restaurant I knew where I was getting my Otero County Burger.img_1652Boss Hogg’s, where cow meet’s pigimg_1660Of course I ordered the signature “Boss Hogg” burger. 1/2 pound of hand pressed, high fat content burger, couple large slices of hog, pile of fresh condiment’s and a sesame seed bun. It was good to be out on the trail again.

Merry Christmas

img_1624No Cheeseburger today. I was going to make a burger run but driving is to sketchy. I would give my life for a Cheeseburger, but don’t want to die for one. I am not sure if that even makes sense to me. Anyway I felt I needed to knock on some of this dead air. img_1619All this by the entrance to my employer of the weekimg_1616Stay strong, Merry Christmas

Eagle, Colorado

img_1602Eagle County Seat, Eagle Colorado incorporated in 1905 and home to about 6,500 people. I will start by saying I had many technical difficulties on this trip. Only three pictures turned out because I thought I knew how to manually focus. Anyway, Eagle is a cool town right off I-70, the first roundabout is home to the Eagle Diner.img_1614The Eagle Diner was packed! This place is awesome, I sat by the grill and saw many plates of good solid american fare. My double cheeseburger was cooked to perfection with loads of fresh condiments. I will stop here again.img_1601I went up to a lake and saw several hunters working the mountain while this buck strolled beneath them. I don’t know if anyone will even read this but my work schedule is changing so I am afraid burger entry’s will be more sporadic, but will continue until I have had a cheeseburger in every county.

Castle Rock, Colorado

img_1598Douglas County Seat, Castle Rock, is home to about 50,000 people. I have chosen a different angle for this post since I met with reporter Steve Staeger from Denver Channel 9 to share a burger and talk about my quest. First off I was very impressed with Steve who is professional and a regular guy at the same time. We met at the Rockyard American Grill and Brewing Company, a beautiful restaurant and brewery. We were greeted by very professional and accommodating staff. I knew I wanted the signature “Double Rock” as soon as we sat down, but Steve kept asking questions while all I could really think about was getting to this awesome burger. After cutting thru all the small talk, and Steve was brought up to speed on proper burger selection, we both ordered a Double Rock. This thing is huge! Two hand pressed patties, multiple strips of bacon, cheese and three buns. This is the quintessential cheeseburger….. meat, cheese, bun. It does not get any better. Great burger and good company, really all that matters. Thanks to Steve and the great staff at the Rockyard for a awesome experience on this journey. I got 01:40 of fame, must mean I’ve got 13:20 coming. Yes, Steve ate the whole thing.img_1594Figured I better get a picture of the Courthouse so my Mom doesn’t make me go back.

Las Animas, Colorado

img_1565Bent County Seat, Las Animas is home to about 2,500 people. Incorporated in 1886 the town is located on the Arkansas River, west of the confluence of the Purgatory River. The city was named for some Conquistadors who died in the area without last rites. Las Animas means “The Souls” in Spanish.img_1566Majestic Courthouse, near the location of Colorado’s first legal hanging. Ninth Cavalry soldier Jimmy Miller.img_1571Kit Carson’s last residence. Kit Carson is cool and all but according to Wikipedia the most notable person from here is Nicholas Martinez, known as the coolest guy in town. img_1569Kit Carson’s current residence. I found one thrift store that had a great furniture collection but nothing up my alley, everyone, without question, sent me to the L.A. Cafe for my burger.img_1590L.A. Cafe, if you get run out of town you can always stop for a burger on the way. Located on the hiway on the western side of town.img_1589This place is hometown great! I didn’t have to look at a menu, went to the counter and asked for a kickass cheeseburger and was met with a “you want fries with that”. Sold. Had the fortune of visiting with the Cafe’s original owner who came in and asked for “the usual” I was so excited to find out his usual was what I was getting as well, a double cheeseburger. Hand pressed locally source meat patties, fresh condiments, buttered bun, perfectly seasoned fries. What can I say, this is the cheeseburger. I don’t know what happened but the incessant ringing in my good ear went away as I was leaving, not sure if it is a cure or a clog.